Winewagen Tours provides transportation between the many Wineries and Breweries of the Finger Lakes Region.

Specializing in tours of Seneca, Cayuga, and Keuka Lake Wine and Brew Trails.

Sit back, relax, tie one on, and enjoy the ride!

How do I go about booking a tour?

                                Select either private or public (if you don't mind sharing), the date you want to tour and location you would like to be picked up at. *Public Tours are only available for pickup at Ramada Lakefront.


How much bread is this going to cost me?

All prices are listed on our booking page + booking fees, with the ability to pay with any major credit card.

A $100.00 deposit (goes towards the balance) is required to secure reservations for private tours.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of tour can be paid with Cash or Credit Card.

Just how many of my friends can I pile in this thing?

I guess this all depends on your lifestyle and how much you love your neighbor.

Typically six passengers will make for a comfortable enjoyable experience.

What is included with the tour?

A Vehicle, a driver, an adventure, a cooler with ice, and bottled water. Tasting fees are not included.


This option allows for you to join-in with other people visiting the area to break up the cost.

Tour starts at 11:00 am - Roughly 5 hours - Tasting fees are not included -

Pickup at Ramada Lakefront Hotel - 41 Lake Front Dr, Geneva, NY 14456

Some of the places we may visit:

Muranda Cheese - Ventosa - Zugibe - Ravines - Billsboro - Fox Run - Red Tail Ridge - Climbing Bines - And More

Can we eat, drink, spin one up, do somersaults whilst riding in your bus?

Mi casa es su casa!  Well bus, could be our home, who knows? We want you to be comfortable and not feel restrained. Our main goal is your happiness. We strongly encourage everyone to bring some snacks along for your tour.

 Know your limits. Maybe you had too much too fast?

How fast does she go? Will we have to get out and push this sucker?

Why are we pulling over HERE!? Are you sure this is safe?

Terrapin is over 45 years old ladies and gentlemen. He has a top speed of right around 58 mph downhill. There is a possibility someone may have to get out and push. Unannounced stops are part of the adventure. Safe enough for us!

Good news: We take excellent care of our vehicles and they love us for it.

In the uncommon occurrence of a vehicle or driver malfunction, we will do our very best to at least make it fun.

How many wineries / breweries can we expect to visit on a given tour?

We have visited as many as twenty-three (23) wineries in 6 hours and as few as two (2). You set the pace...

Where is that MAGIC little snowflake switch LOCATED ON THE DASH?

Friends, we are going back to a time before the air conditioned gypsies arrived. Have no fears though, the circulation of air in these vehicles was well thought out. The wing window, oh yeah! Flip that baby all the way around and wallah, A/C. The weather in the Finger Lakes stays quite comfortable in the Summer and has a constant breeze by the lakes.

I promise you will not melt, unless of coarse you dropped... umm... never mind

Can you turn up the heat?

Heat was never one of the highlights in older VW's either, please dress appropriately.

For Tours in the colder months we will use our  2017 Nissan NV 8 Passenger Van

How far will you travel to pick us up?

Pickup locations are limited to within a 15 mile radius of Geneva, NY.

If staying outside of this area and you would still like to use our service, we recommend meeting us at The Ramada Lakefront.  Ramada has plenty of parking and is centrally located within walking distance to downtown Geneva with

many morning pick-me-ups and evening  put-me-downs.

Hitchhike, taxi, Uber, Fluber, walk, jump, run, skip, fly, whatever.

I am flippin' starving, where can I grab a bite?

Over recent years, the demand for places to eat along the wine trails has been answered. Most Wineries that we visit have excellent food options that will get you back on the tour in no time. We still highly recommend you bring a snack.

What in the Frigg are we listening to?

Other than that sweet, sweet sound of an air-cooled engine; more than likely The Grateful Dead.

You don't have to listen to The Dead. Plug into that sucker and have at it.

Can we get down to brass tacks concerning this Zach character?

It is going to be a bit weird talking about myself in 3rd person but I’m willing to give it a shot. Zach was dropped on his head a lot when he was a baby. A shy, introverted creature at best. Zach really doesn’t say much, especially in the wrong company. Zach has an alternate personality that comes out every once in awhile. (“I think you are saying too much, are you sure you want to put yourself out there like this?” | “Be quiet you fool! I fart in your general direction! Tell these fine people about yourself!” | “I don’t know, don’t you care what "they" will think of you?” | Nonsense! | I’m just saying be careful we both know how you get”) Uhhhemm *clearing my throat - where were we? I think that takes care of Zach.

Can we get Serious for a minute, what is the bottom line?

Thank you for considering Winewagen Tours. Without you we would be absolutely nothing.

Most importantly, we (I’m talking about the two of us) did not start this business with the intent of appealing to the masses, we know this isn’t for everyone. We started this because we love riding in our bus. A simple dude, driving a simple vehicle.

 If modern safety equipment like airbags, shoulder seat belts, heat, air conditioning, or a talkative guide letting you know just how great of a job our President is doing are your main concerns - this probably isn't your bag.

 If cruising around the Finger Lakes in a classic VW Bus with a few of your closest friends, tying on a buzz, listening to some great tunes with a laid back driver sounds like a good time to you - we would love to spend the day with you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t be a D-Bag, be nice to each other, be real and you will get what you give.

After checking out this magnificent website, I still have questions.

No problem, we will surely have questions of our own for you as well.


We will be in touch shortly.